timoose’s unique solutions

  • Dashboard – Complete control by real-time tracking, for managers and team leaders. The perfect tool for improving the work process.
  • Virtual attendance card – documenting the beginning and ending of the working hours.
  • Smart time attendance clock – overseeing every second of work, including an option for multiple exists and entries during the working hours.
  • Project management – easy control over adding and editing projects, with no limit to the number of changes you can make.
  • Complete flexibility and compatibility to your organization’s dynamics – you can establish temporary work departments with incredible ease, without programming any data.
  • Task management – full control off your tasks and the time that requires accomplishing them.
  • Flexible authorization permits – optional unique authorization for team leaders, even temporarily.
  • Employee management – An account for each employee – for the supervision and improvement of performance. Including attendance and absence management, for the update of the accountant systems and payroll.
  • Reports for all intents and purposes – with a single click, timoose can produce any report you want: working hours, projects and tasks, a report for a single employee or for a project with multiple participants, etc. Whatever you need to know – you will receive an immediate, specified report.

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