The benefits of using timoose

timoose presents an entirely new concept for organizational control and management, which is different from any other system thanks to its unique advantages:

  • timoose offers all around solutions for organizational control and management, without requiring additional systems.
  • timoose produces a large and modular variety of reports, based on your different needs.
  • timoose has an exceptionally user-friendly interface that promises that each employee will persist in using it, simply because it’s simple! There are no exhausting tables, you don’t need to waste time implementing the system, and you don’t need to train your employees. It’s all ready to use – in a single click of a mouse!
  • timoose interfaces with every existing system. You don’t need to replace your existing management programs.
  • timoose knows how to read, communicate and draw data from them, and to implement them automatically into its unique interface.
  • timoose is available anywhere, anytime! You can connect to timoose from your pc at home or through your iPad, an android or iPhone smartphone, etc.