The unique concept of timoose

timoose was born out of our need to find a more effective way to control our projects on time.
We discovered that all the solutions offered in the market would be too cumbersome, and demanded that we, and our employees, spend precious time just to manage time.

We thought, there must be an elegant solution, intuitive, and antiquated systems more efficient, most of which were created 15 years ago and over the years were many pieces, to match the technology and changing needs.
We concluded that in order to bring a new row, need to rethink, and try to search only other patches battered systems.

We realized that the main problem is the other systems, clumsiness deterrent, and makes employees and managers to avoid using them, that the report did not represent the reality, and the requirement to report led to tension and friction between us and the employees.

Therefore we set, the system must be simple and friendly, and more, such employees really enjoy using it, so we will ensure the persistence of reporting buy essay uk. This is why, for ease of use is an integral and important part of any concept of timoose.

We studied the existing management systems market, we conducted investigations to discover the unique needs of each organization’s role, and we explored different Mimskim different disciplines of systems that provide the user experience that makes people just love to work with them. We used a lot of sophistication in its design of an interface, be simple and easy to use.

Thus was born timoose.