About Timoose

Q: What is Timoose?
A: Timoose is an effective online tool for setting and accomplishing tasks. Timoose presents an entirely new concept for organizational control and management, The convenient, easy and user-friendly app for time and attendance management.

Q: How does Timoose work?
A: Timoose helps you track your time quickly and easily, Timoose track projects, tasks and attendance. You will save time and money.

Q: Who can use this service?
A: Anybody who needs time tracking can use Timoose: freelancers, small, mid and big business.

Timoose FREE Trial and Sign Up Information

Q: How long does the trial last?
A: You can Sign up for FREE 60 day trial. Sign up here

Q: How does the FREE trial work?
A: You can Sign up for FREE 60 day trial and experience Timoose in full version. After 60 days of using Timoose for FREE you will be prompted to add your credit card or PayPal information to continue using Timoose on a month to month basis.

Q: Do i need a credit card to Sign Up for the trial?
A: NO. We do not request any credit card information when you Sign Up for FREE 60 day trial. You can Sign up for FREE 60 day trial right now. It is takes less than a minute.

Using Timoose

Q: How do I track time using Timoose?
A: Track your attendance time using the “Punch In/Punch Out” button. For automatically Projects/Tasks mission time tracking, choose Project , than task and click the “Start” button to start timer, to end the mission click the “Stop” button. You can enter Projects/Tasks time manually (depends your user employ permission).

Q: What is the difference between Attendance/ Projects?
A: 1. Attendance – Tracking Attendance hours, is designed to track a full working day.      2. Projects – Tracking work time on Projects is used for measuring and optimizing processes and tasks, one by one.