timoose’s unique concept

timoose was born out of our need for a more efficient way to control our project schedules. We found the solutions available in the market were too complicated, and required that we and our employees set aside precious time simply to deal with time management.
We thought there has to be a more elegant, intuitive, efficient solution for time management than these outdates system, some of which were created 15 years ago, and have been patched through the years in order to remain updated with the ever-changing technology and personal needs. We have reached the conclusion that in order to innovate, we need to re-think the entire concept, and not just add more patches to these already worn out systems.
We’ve realized the main problem of the other system were their complexity, that intimidated the employees and management into working their way around them, creating reports that do not represent reality and causing tension and disagreement between us and our employees.
We therefore determined that the system must me simple and user-friendly, and even more so, one that the employees will really enjoy using. That way, we can guaranty their continuous reports. For that reason, the simplicity of use is an integral and important part of timoose’s concept.
We’ve studied the management systems available in the market, conducted researches to find out what are the unique needs of each position in an organization, and looked into different interfaces of systems dedicates to different domain, looking for the ones that had a user experience that simply made people love working with them. We’ve planned our interface with much finesse, so it would be easy and simple to use.
That’s how timoose was born.
One dashboard – overall organizational control!